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Moving the needle forward: Using digital services to deploy vaccines globally

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We are currently in the middle of the largest vaccination effort that the world has ever seen. Scientists have never worked faster and harder to produce a safe, effective vaccine as they did for COVID-19.

Despite vaccines being readily available, immunization compliance remains a challenge and deployment in lower- and middle-income countries continue to face bottlenecks both in terms of access and delivery. 

The following brief provides insider knowledge into the lessons Viamo has learned in deploying digital solutions to assist global vaccination efforts. Our partners have used Viamo’s suite of solutions to provide communities with timely health information, train medical professionals, send vaccination reminders and so much more.

While digital isn’t the only answer to effective vaccination campaigns, it is a mandatory tool in every health organization’s toolkit, especially in low-resource communities with low technology literacy.

Lesson 1: IVR is an effective and preferred communication in low-resource communities.

In partnership with Grameen Foundation, a study on Ebola vaccine reminders proved IVR as the preferred method of communication.

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Covering 9 countries and 4 projects, our Vaccination Report is a guide for public health practitioners looking to include digital campaigns in their work.

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