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Speaking volumes: Voice-first GenAI is an unexpected bridge over the digital divide

Solution: Ask Viamo AnythingViamo Platform


In a world where voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, facilitating everything from Google searches to WhatsApp messages, there’s still nearly 3 billion people who remain offline.

This digital divide not only limits access to information but also deepens inequalities in health, agriculture and education. 

The Viamo Platform – harnessing voice technology’s power – reaches millions monthly through simple, mobile phones – no internet required. With our partners, we offer vital information in local languages, covering 30-40 key topics.

Upon the release of ChatGPT, our tech team quickly recognized its potential for a voice-first company like ours. Before artificial intelligence, content on the Viamo Platform was curated, pre-recorded and menu-driven.

With Viamo’s groundbreaking Generative AI feature, ‘Ask Viamo Anything’ (AVA), the power of the internet is distilled into conversational, voice-first interactions for anyone with a basic, non-internet phone. 

Hosted on the existing Viamo Platform, AVA has revolutionized how people access information.

The following brief provides insider knowledge into the lessons Viamo has learned in making GenAI accessible to the digitally disconnected. Our findings indicate that AVA may be able to help us leap over the digital divide.

Lesson 1: AVA drives engagement across the board – especially with women

97.2% of SDG-related questions were comprehended, with responses provided, and over 60% of the interactions were from women.

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Our special edition report looks at how GenAI is used once it is in the hands of the digitally disconnected.

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