Viamo Platform

Viamo’s unique platform brings the benefits of the digital economy to simple mobile phone owners.

Amplify Your Reach
Our Platform

Every month, millions of people use the Viamo Platform for the same reason you browse the Internet: to access on-demand information, find services nearby or purchase products.

The Viamo Platform boasts a unique subscriber-base of 12 million people, with…

  • Diversity across gender, location and interest. If you want to reach young female farmers in rural Kenya, we can make that happen.
  • A young subscriber base. Our subscribers are at an age where they are highly influential. By uploading your content on the Viamo Platform, you can help influence healthy behaviors, such as best practices with sexual and reproductive health.
  • Access to even the hardest to reach. Our subscriber base benefits from our voice-powered technology that is available on basic mobile phones.

The Viamo Platform·

The Viamo Platform·

The Viamo Platform·

The Viamo Platform·

The Viamo Platform·

Amplify your impact

The Viamo Platform increases your influence across all Viamo’s services.


Digital Surveys

Broaden your panel to our subscriber base of over 5 million people across 18 emerging markets. You can target specific groups across gender, location and interest. You can also passively reach our subscribers by embedding your survey in the existing content they already engage with.

Digital Campaigns

Take your campaign to the next level by uploading your messaging on the Viamo Platform. This instantly makes it available nation-wide to a collective audience of over 200 million people.

Digital Training

Provide training to workforces, quickly sharing information and knowledge to those that need it most while measuring retention in real-time.

Digital Marketing

Drive behavior change with data-driven marketing. Target products and campaigns to the right audiences while nurturing growth with untapped markets.
Our Achievement

Global telecom partnerships for the Viamo Platform

Viamo Telecom Partnerships 2022


What our partners say

“The 3-2-1 service’s use of interactive voice response technology enables the INGC to better communicate with citizens in these remote areas where the internet is scarce and literacy is low.”

Storm Warning, Mozambique

“The [Viamo Platform] is groundbreaking because it can be used by everyone regardless of education, physical ability, age, gender, religion or geographic location.”

UNWomen, Nepal

“The use of voice messaging is particularly promising as it is able to reach populations with low level literacy.”

The Viamo Platform innovation, worldwide

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