At Viamo, we are using technology to better connect global communities with information and with one another. Join us in amplifying the voices of millions of people while investing in your skills.

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What does it mean to work at Viamo?

Our multi-disciplinary team is unwavering in their commitment. We are tackling one of the world’s toughest problems, connecting organizations with nearly 4 billion people living in low-resource settings in a meaningful, respectful and equitable manner. And we are doing this on a global scale.

As a diverse, inclusive team of individuals with a variety of skills and experiences, we share the common value of creating impact and transforming lives. Utilizing mobile technology, we work together to provide interactive, targeted and measurable mobile engagement services to organizations serving remote communities. We strive to hire dynamic talent in order to deliver our services efficiently, creatively and nimbly.

Work with us

Three reasons why you should work at Viamo

1. Make impact

  • Over 30 million people used Viamo’s technology in one year, you will build scalable tech that helps transform millions of lives
  • You will work with a diverse and like-minded team to leverage cutting-edge technology that makes a direct impact in low-resourced communities
  • You will work with credible NGOs, corporations and international governments

2. Be a part of a diverse, global team

  • Learn and grow with world-class engineers and development experts in ICT4D
  • We are made up of the communities we work with internationally, covering nearly 30 time zones
  • Meaningful project opportunities that change the society with mobile technology

3. We put the human in human resources

  • We have flexible work hours, remote work opportunities and unlimited (and encouraged) vacation
  • We prioritize autonomy and responsibility for every team member
  • We have a startup spirit, we try new work styles to improve our productivity

“At Viamo, we have so many people with an abundance of national, professional and educational backgrounds, and yet we are all coming together to jointly work on improving the lives of people. I love how everyone is super open and very supportive of each other”


– Annie, Regional Programme Manager- Southern Africa

Our values

We share the same compass, making us unstoppable

We value people, focusing our decisions on evidence-based reasoning and data-driven approaches in order to make true impact. By connecting organizations to people in low-resource settings in meaningful, respectful and equitable ways, we are solving one of the world’s toughest challenges. And we are doing it on a global scale.


We exceed expectations in creating value and satisfaction for clients and the people we serve through reliability, responsiveness and quality.


We foster talent by investing in, trusting in and bringing out the best in our people, we benefit from our diverse team.


We empathize by striving to understand the user and ensuring everything you do makes their life better and has impact at scale.


We envision the future and invent solutions as they’re needed. We try new things, study the data, iterate then keep and scale what works.

EEO Statement

Viamo is an equal-opportunity employer. We strive for diversity to be the heartbeat of our organization, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone is respected, given equal employment opportunities, and given equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic that make us unique! We believe that fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strengthens our company and contributes to a more supportive workplace for everyone to develop a more innovative solutions for our millions of diverse and amazing users.

If you are…

  • Passionate about the potential for technology to create social change
  • An engineer or tech specialist looking for more meaningful global impact
  • Aware of the challenges of working in emerging markets and are eager to tackle them
  • Hungry for a dynamic environment where you can take ownership of your work and be part of a global team

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