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Opening a dialogue between organizations, governments, and programs and the people they serve through the power of simple mobile phones.

Viamo’s Digital Campaigns are perfect for…

  • Easily sharing information with any community, including sending reminder messages for upcoming events or appointments.
  • Getting timely information from remote communities, such as setting up a 24/7 toll-free number so midwives can call in and report new births or farmers can call to find out about crop prices the night before market day.
  • Creating an open dialogue between communities and authorities, allowing for safe, secure and reliable feedback mechanisms so communities can register complaints or report incidents.
  • View our interactive dashboards and track your campaigns in real-time.

Digital Campaigns·

Digital Campaigns·

Digital Campaigns·

Digital Campaigns·

Digital Campaigns·

Audio Sample

Listen to the sample audio we delivered

In Cameroon and Chad, UNHCR launched an infoline dedicated to fraud prevention.

The IOM delivered this communications campaign providing awareness on safe cross-border trading during COVID-19 to traders in Malawi.

How it works

Launch your campaign today anywhere, anytime, on any mobile phone.


Co-Create and Optimize Campaign

Together we create your campaign and content tailored to your needs. We've done this hundreds of times and use our insights to ensure the highest engagement.

Test and Iterate

We tweak and change your campaign based on how your participants are engaging with your messages, seeing what may be causing drop-offs.

Analyzing Insights

View and share the results of your campaign in real-time through Viamo’s interactive dashboards.
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What our partners say

“The 3-2-1 service’s use of interactive voice response technology enables the INGC to better communicate with citizens in these remote areas where the internet is scarce and literacy is low.”

Storm Warning, Mozambique

“What has suddenly got 100 times cheaper and 10 times faster? Working with Viamo, they reduced the cost of surveying citizens by more than 95%.”

Citizen feedback, Nigeria

“The use of voice messaging is particularly promising as it is able to reach populations with low level literacy.”

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