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We make workforce training via digital easy and effective.

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Using voice-powered technology, we deliver your training to your learners anywhere, anytime and on any phone.

Digital Trainings are perfect for…

  • Educating and upskilling distributed learners, from equipping community health volunteers with necessary skills to teaching young entrepreneurs business skills.   
  • Creating inclusive training for learners who may have lower literacy skills, such as farmers who need resources on emerging agricultural diseases.
  • Training your distributed workforce, getting your team equipped with the knowledge they need to do their jobs.
  • View our interactive dashboards that track real time behavior change.

Digital Training·

Digital Training·

Digital Training·

Digital Training·

Digital Training·

Audio Sample

Listen to the sample audio we delivered

Listen to Mercy Corps training on digitization in The Bahamas

Listen to the CallVSCorona training for community health workers in Zambia.

How it works

Launch your training today anywhere, anytime and on any mobile phone.


Co-Create and Optimize Training

Together we create your training and lessons tailored to your needs. We've done this hundreds of times and use our insights to ensure the highest engagement.

Test and Iterate

We tweak and change your training based on how your learners are engaging with your training, seeing in real-time knowledge retention.

Analyzing Insights

View and share the results of your campaign in real-time through Viamo’s interactive dashboards.
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What our partners say

“The 3-2-1 service’s use of interactive voice response technology enables the INGC to better communicate with citizens in these remote areas where the internet is scarce and literacy is low.”

Storm Warning, Mozambique

“What has suddenly got 100 times cheaper and 10 times faster? Working with Viamo, they reduced the cost of surveying citizens by more than 95%.”

Citizen feedback, Nigeria

“The use of voice messaging is particularly promising as it is able to reach populations with low level literacy.”

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