With Viamo, your services and products will reach previously unexplored new markets.

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What we offer

We amplify your brand’s voice and connect it with hard-to-reach markets.

Market Research

Collectively, our platforms can reach nearly one billion consumers, with market research panels in about 20 low- to mid-income countries. We have representation in the 20 biggest  markets in Africa and Asia. We can offer immediate access to 10 million registered users and 8 million panelists.

Customer Engagement

Viamo’s expert engagement team will work with you to develop opportunities to uniquely engage your customers to ensure satisfaction, retainability and potential upsell opportunities. Partner with us to engage our platform users and drive existing customers to your next point of sale.

Field Staff Training

Viamo has helped reach disconnected communities with targeted coursework, ongoing testing and measured impressive retention rates upon completion. Learn how to adopt this technology to your field training needs.

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