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Viamo’s Digital Surveys allow you to bypass the cost, delays, security risks and coordination of door-to-door survey collection. You can engage with your audience directly on any mobile phone, getting the data you need to make informed decisions.

Viamo’s Digital Surveys are perfect for…

  • Directly communicating with the people whose opinions you value most, gathering feedback from people in even the most remote communities.
  • Collecting feedback and research from communities at any stage, tracking how responses change over time or getting a singular data point.
  • Getting the data you need to create programmatic solutions that last.
  • View our interactive dashboards that provide instant insights.

Digital Surveys·

Digital Surveys·

Digital Surveys·

Digital Surveys·

Digital Surveys·

Audio Sample

Listen to the sample audio we delivered

Listen to a survey done by Fidelity Bank.

UNICEF in Ghana released a survey to understand childhood health and parenting.

How it works

Launch your survey anywhere, anytime, on any mobile phone.


Co-Create and Optimize Survey

Together we create the survey questionnaire tailored to your needs. We've implemented over 300 surveys and use our insights to ensure the highest engagement.

Test and Iterate

We tweak and change your survey based on how your participants are engaging with your questions, seeing what may be causing drop-offs or data errors.

Analyzing Insights

View and share the results of your surveys in real-time through Viamo’s interactive dashboards.
Our Achievement

With our partners, we have conducted over 300 mobile surveys globally.


What our partners say

“The 3-2-1 service’s use of interactive voice response technology enables the INGC to better communicate with citizens in these remote areas where the internet is scarce and literacy is low.”

Storm Warning, Mozambique

“What has suddenly got 100 times cheaper and 10 times faster? Working with Viamo, they reduced the cost of surveying citizens by more than 95%.”

Citizen feedback, Nigeria

“The use of voice messaging is particularly promising as it is able to reach populations with low level literacy.”

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