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COVID-19 Response

Solution: Viamo Platform

We have partnered with some of the worlds most trusted organizations to fight the pandemic via mobile

COVID-19 Impact Statistics

Our partners are using the Viamo platform to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale.


Viamo plays a crucial role in COVID-19 awareness via mobile by providing reliable, validated, and trustworthy information that improves understanding, increases prevention practices, and combats misinformation at scale. A recent collaboration with the WHO is enabling Viamo and our partners to provide updated health-related information on the disease and vaccines through our 3-2-1 Service. Targeted Mass Messaging campaigns enable our partners to reach the masses with crucial information, and COVID-19 impact surveys inform our partners how to target messaging and improve public awareness campaigns, and more.


Health systems across the world have been pushed to their limits since the onset of the pandemic. Our Remote Training product offers a cost-effective, scalable mechanism to build on knowledge and test comprehension entirely remotely, through any mobile phone, using IVR. The product also creates a library of content for trainees to access whenever and wherever they need it. We also have partnered with Surgo Foundation to deploy a symptom-checker on our 3-2-1 Service, that allows individuals to diagnose COVID-19 and governments to track outbreaks.


How we learn has been fundamentally changed by the pandemic. Through Remote Training, lessons can be deployed via mobile and through IVR in local languages. With our partners, farmers have learned how to protect their crops, teachers have learned how to engage their students virtually, and health care workers have learned how to identify COVID-19 patients and refer them to appropriate facilities.

Our COVID-19 Impact

A few of our successful projects during COVID-19 resulted in:

In Pakistan we reached 10.8 million people with over 19 million key messages about COVID-19 during April and May 2020 with our partners at UNICEF, IRC, and Verso Consulting through Targeted Mass Messaging.


With Surgo Foundation we developed an IVR COVID-19 symptom checker hosted on our 3-2-1 Service. In the first 4 months over 100,000 people in Uganda, Mali, and Malawi used the symptom checker service to help them to make informed health decisions, while helping governments to monitor symptom clusters.

3-2-1 Service COVID-19 Survey Reports

To help inform Viamo’s own COVID-19 response and the response of our partners, we teamed up with researchers from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to poll our own 3-2-1 Service callers about their knowledge of the virus and impact of COVID-19 on their livelihoods.

Read the reports below:

Food Security and Economic Impacts

Mental Health and Violence Impacts


School Disruption Impacts


Access to Information Impacts


FOGG Behavior Change Model


Knowledge of Symptoms, Transmission Modes, and Preventive Practices


Attitudes, Prevention Practices


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