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At Viamo, we believe that technology can help overcome some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare in Africa today. That’s why we’re excited to share the success story of Malawi’s “health center by phone”, Chipatala cha pa Foni (CCPF).

CCPF is a call center service that we’ve partnered on with the Malawi Ministry of Health Malawi and VillageReach to help improve healthcare access and outcomes for people across the country.

The hotline is a mobile phone-based service that connects people with trained healthcare workers who can provide advice, guidance and support across a wide range of health issues. By simply dialing a toll-free number, people in Malawi can get the help they need, regardless how far they may live from a health facility.

Since its launch, CCPF has become a vital part of Malawi’s healthcare system and the Government has taken over operations, providing a lifeline for people in remote and hard-to-reach areas. On average, more than 110,000 people access the service per month.

At Viamo, we’re proud to have played a part in this success story. We’ve helped to scale up the service, expand its reach and improve its impact on people’s lives. And we’re committed to continuing our work to bring quality healthcare within reach of every person in Malawi, no matter where they are, through mobile connectivity.

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