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In Rwanda, GFA and Aegis Trust utilized the Viamo Platform to deliver Digital Training on peace-building to 15% of the adult population.

eLearning has revolutionized the education system across the globe. Due to its easy accessibility, more and more people are taking advantage of these resources to gain knowledge – bridging the digital divide.

With advancements in digital technologies, eLearning enables individuals from remote areas and low-income families to access high-quality education without the need for travel or additional expenses.

Making comprehensive training accessible to all

Rwanda has experienced significant resilience and growth since the genocide, and ongoing peace-building education is crucial for its continued progress. This training program was developed to uphold these important lessons.

The training starts by gauging participants’ perspectives on peace as a universal ideal. Participants are also introduced to negotiation types, human rights responsibilities, and the significance of gender equality and diversity beyond the workplace. 


Throughout the training, participants are prompted with thought-provoking questions, encouraging them to reflect on personal responsibility and the core values of peace education.

The Viamo Platform enables easy access to these lessons at a national level across Rwanda, all toll-free and through the digital device in their pocket.

Viamo’s Digital Training usually uses an outbound approach, customizing content for our partner’s specific audience. For example, we might develop a training module on the COVID-19 pandemic for rural community health workers in Zambia or create a digital literacy course for young mothers in Uganda.

But in recent years, Digital Training has been integrated directly onto the Viamo Platform, allowing all 2 million monthly callers on the platform in Rwanda to access the training – opening the door to millions of students. 

Similar to the user-friendly design of online courses, our Platform’s Digital Training setup allows users to participate at their own speed and preference.

Users can engage with comprehensive content through the Viamo Platform, which helps ensure that the principles of unity and reconciliation are not only taught but deeply understood.

Evaluating the digital impact

Transitioning to a digital platform raised the question of the effectiveness of digital training, and our metrics provided the answer.

By analyzing quiz results and engagement, we can assess how well our platform increased understanding and engaged a wide audience through remote learning.

Transitioning to the Viamo Platform provided many advantages for this project. Firstly, it allowed Viamo’s Platform to reach 15% of Rwandan adults – 1.1M people – with peace education training over the course of a few months.

The Viamo Platform is a communication technology that is accessible to those without computer literacy or internet access, as our platform is compatible with basic mobile phones and voice technology. Voice technology offers a more natural and conversational way of training.

Using the Viamo Platform to bridge the digital divide

The advantages of eLearning for countries like Rwanda are immense.

For one, it boosts skillsets among those living in rural areas by providing them with access to quality material that may otherwise not have been available due to their geographical location and lack of financial resources for low-income families.

Time management and convenience are also improved since people can learn at any time of day or night without being physically present in school or a training session.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn more about how our voice-powered training can benefit your organization and transform the way you deliver education and training.