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Only 4 out of 10 people in Africa had internet access in December 2021.

Do you struggle to engage with your customers who don’t have smartphones and are hard to reach, yet consistently buy your products and services?

Do you spend a lot on TV and radio without understanding how your audience is engaging with the content? Today, 60% of the African population are not connected to the benefits of the digital economy. At Viamo, we have an interactive and targeted solution to help you strategically promote your brand, engage directly with your customers and find new ones entirely.

Currently, there are more than 18 million people across 21 countries in Africa and southeast asia who are calling in to the Viamo platform to consume our content.. Why do they keep coming back? Because they know they get their daily news, the weather forecast, their audio drama, agri-tips, training on financial literacy, maternal health content, and so much more at NO COST.

Most brands traditionally connect with the Bottom of the pyramid (BoP) through radio, television and experiential campaigns such as roadshows. While these may seem like the best options, they are costly, difficult to track and provide a level of complexity that may prove too tedious to reach the desired audience and/or goals. 

Viamo provides a next gen solution for audiences at the BoP, that is trackable, engaging and interactive.  With Viamo you can 

  • Provide listeners with a pre and post survey to track their understanding of your brand all from a real time dashboard.
  • Directly interact with customers by providing vouchers and incentives that are guaranteed to build brand loyalty and boost product activation and sales. 
  • Access first party data from the leads generated through lead qualification surveys, giving you access to the people who truly want to purchase your products or services. 

Most importantly we gather insight from those customers and help you digitize the complete or some part of the sales process.

Brand awareness use case FMCG in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Viamo and its FMCG partner began a campaign during Ramadan 2023 in the Northern part of Nigeria using recipe content published on a daily basis, with a target of 150k impressions over the campaign period (April 3rd to April 25th). Additionally, the campaign also featured a brand lift survey before and after the content was listened to by Viamo Platform users. These surveys allowed the FMGG company to understand their end customers and access first party data from users that are not connected to their usual social media.

At the end of the campaign period the results were impressive: 


  • 180k impression over the period
  • More than 50K users listened to more than 17 mins of content produced by the brand
  • 67K new followers/ first party data of the brand that provides consent to be reached in the future and who confirmed their willingness to hear more about the brand
  • Results of a 9 question survey of a panel of 20K users across the north of Nigeria that the brand can leverage in product development, media planning, understanding user behaviors and clarifying what would encourage the user to make a purchase and swift to their brand

Dormant account Financial services in Ghana 

A financial institution approached Viamo with the intention  to reduce the rate of inactivity among customers in the long term. The goal of the campaign is to increase customer savings balances and activity by encouraging active and inactive  customers to save more. Previous attempts to engage with customers was through SMS and the conversion rate was 0.1%.  We have run a recurring Weekly campaign – 13 500 per week until we have expired the 1M database. 

The key result of this campaign were mind blowing

  • Average of 70% engagement – with 50% that listen to more than 75% of the content. 
  • 7% requests to chat with agent 
  • 5%  requests to update their account with their ID card 
  • 3% requests to share feedback with the brand 

The brand was delighted to see that IVR was a powerful technology to engage with their customers and it opened a world of possibilities in upselling and cross selling methods to be explored. 

Lead Generation For Paygo Solution – Malawi  

The goal of the campaign was to boost sales and generate some qualified leads to be forwarded to the call center and the agent network. The target of the campaign is to get 10% conversion rate between the leads sent and sales. The campaign period ran over 6 days.

Key results of the campaign: : 

  • 5006 leads sent to the customers 
  • 12% lead to sales conversion 

In the pursuit of growth,  businesses must establish sustainable connections with their customers. Viamo offers a platform to reach those without smartphones, particularly in areas still untouched by the digital economy. Unlock the potential to expand your reach and engage with customers who are currently underserved but hungry for meaningful information and services.

Contact Viamo today and unlock the potential of this untapped customer segment.