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If your organization is involved in training field staff, beneficiaries, or volunteers, remote training offers a solution to common challenges such as managing the logistics of in-person training and tracking long-term impact and knowledge retention.

Viamo’s Remote Training product offers a cross-channel mobile-based remote training solution for field staff and beneficiaries. This involves creating training modules and delivering them through mobile phones, using either interactive voice calls, SMS, social media, smartphone e-learning, or a combination of channels.

Here are 4 tips to help you think through your mobile strategy and start developing your remote training project:

  1. Involving the right people in the design is key to your success.
    No matter what platform you use, it is important to design the content with your field staff and your technology partner. Field staff will provide valuable insights to how the content should be structured, and your technology partner will know how to best design the user experience and reach your end users with the appropriate technology. By working together, your combined efforts will achieve more impact.

  2. Include measurable knowledge and behavior change components
    Throughout the training you should measure comprehension and retention of key information. Think about including a baseline and endline survey to assess the effectiveness of the training on changing knowledge, attitude, and beneficial practices. These measurable components allow you to ensure the training was beneficial, while also enabling you to gather feedback from participants and create learnings for future training.

  3. Sensitization and continual outreach is important
    Involve community members to perform outreach and provide sensitization and reminders as much as possible. If your target groups understand that there is going to be a training, what it is for, and how it will help them, and they hear this from a trusted source prior to the training, they will be more likely to fully engage. Do this before the training, and even as the training is running. Sending a push SMS before and after each training module as reminders will also increase engagement.

  4. Provide a method of accessing the information after the training
    This can be done through an inbound hotline so your target audience can continue to access the information. This ensures that your trainees have the option to refresh their memory and reference materials whenever they need.

As we enter into 2021, we want to encourage all of our partners to consider what their mobile strategy is for the new year. Viamo can help you grow your impact. Reach out to our team to start a conversation today.