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[The Viamo Platform] is a game-changer in minimizing the number of people who are left out of digital media. Its expansive outreach reduces social isolation during crises, which helps prevent mental health problems and strengthen the ability of listeners to address their own difficulties.

UN Women, GESI mainstreaming in COVID-19 response report

Viamo’s digital solutions on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion were showcased in the UN Women’s report on “GESI mainstreaming in COVID-19 response: Stories of Change, Good Practices and Lessons Learned.”

Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) mainstreaming is critical in creating more resilient and equitable communities. 

In 2021, Nepal was up against varying challenges from the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, severe monsoon rains, floods, landslides and a cholera outbreak. In the comprehensive report, UN Women details the importance of integrating GESI and digital solutions in response to emerging humanitarian crises.

Viamo is a part of this initiative by providing mobile communication solutions that support the dissemination of accurate and timely information on COVID-19 and GESI. This is done through Viamo’s proprietary platform.

The user-friendly Viamo Platform is accessible via basic mobile phones. It has played a pivotal role in reaching marginalized and vulnerable communities across Nepal and 20 other countries by ensuring that crucial COVID-19 and GESI-related information is accessible to all demographics.

Working alongside UN Women, government agencies and other stakeholders, Viamo has successfully facilitated the delivery of vital global health information to millions of people across Nepal through the Viamo Platform.

I was married when I was very young. I have not been treated cordially by my in-laws. Since my husband and in-laws mostly use the radio and television, I turn to [the Viamo Platform]3-2-1 Service to listen to content of my own choice. I am learning a lot from its broadcasts. For example, I did not know before that the legal age of marriage is 20 and that forced and child marriages are both illegal. I have also learned about other laws on marriage, such as land ownership, divorce and children. I tell all my friends to listen to the service because it is very educational.

Nepalese woman (name withheld for privacy)

The mainstreaming of GESI in global health initiatives is not only critical in addressing the immediate challenges of the pandemic and other ongoing epidemics but is also essential in fostering long-term resilience and social cohesion.

By providing accessible information and resources to vulnerable populations, Viamo is helping to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and essential services to make digital inclusion easy for all.

Read the full report here.