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We are the leading global network of edge computing for mobile interactions in emerging markets.

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We are building the leading global network for mobile interactions in emerging markets.


Tech Talent at Viamo

Helping people get connected and enabling better decisions is our passion, which drives us to develop cutting-edge digital technology for low-resource populations, inspired by human-centered design. Millions of people connect to our platform daily for life-enhancing information and services; they are counting on Viamo’s technology teams to deliver that experience reliably, responsively, and on the best channel for each person: SMS, chatbots, and interactive voice calls in their preferred language.

Who we are

Our Team

From our Canadian headquarters to hubs in Ghana, Madagascar, and remote developers around the world, our teams collaborate across 5 continents and all time zones to deliver life-changing services that address the needs of low-resource communities around the world.  

Work with us

Delivering enterprise-grade digital communication in Viamo’s markets requires a diverse team of tech experts. We are seeking software developers to help deepen our platform for multi-channel mobile interactions, systems engineers to help it scale reliably, data scientists to deliver insights from increasing amounts of data, and managers to help grow healthy, happy, effective teams.

Why we build

  • Mobile connectivity is transforming the potential for people to access information and engage with a global economy. Viamo is innovating how to extend these benefits to more than 3 billion people using basic mobile phones. Rural areas around the world are often viewed as having little access to modern technology. But this is not the case. Many areas have adopted mobile phones more widely than radio communication.
  • On the Viamo Platform, fishermen consult the weather forecast, farmers listen to climate-smart content that updates according to the agricultural calendar and post their crops on a local marketplace, pregnant and nursing mothers get timely information on caring for their child, and entrepreneurs learn new skills and access financial services.

What we build

Viamo’s technology teams work at multiple layers to build and maintain a multi-channel digital communication platform supporting SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and voice chats in local languages:

  • To deliver mobile conversations effectively in bandwidth-limited settings, we’ve pioneered the first global network for ‘edge computing’ of interactive voice and SMS applications.  In partnership with major mobile network operators, we deploy a distributed network of application servers in countries across Africa and Southeast Asia, linked to our cloud-based PaaS. 
  • Our cloud application allows our clients to create and monitor interactive digital campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Our data layer processes and analyzes billions of interactions to better understand Viamo’s end-users.

How we build

We work in cross-functional teams called Product Crews, collaborating across a trifecta of Designers, Product Management, and Engineers. We work in an agile methodology in small teams, releasing new capabilities after each two-week sprint.  We count on the global support of our QA team, Product Support, and Network Operations Center to keep us focussed and efficient.

Benefits & Perks

Watch your work transition from design to implementation and learn how it is impacting communities around the world. We also offer additional perks.

Immigration Support

Our growing technology hub is located in Canada. Relocation assistance is available for global Software Engineers who are interested in joining our tech headquarters in Saskatoon. Viamo offers a comprehensive relocation support package, including work permit and immigration fees, travel, and relocation costs. Additionally, we provide remote working capabilities and have Product Crews located in common time zones around the world.

Collaboration, Innovation, and Service

While Viamo serves over 30 million people globally, we still maintain the same attitude of humility, service, and collaboration our company was built upon. Technology has the power to inspire change, share information and drive growth opportunities when used ethically. We remain focused on acting in service to the wellbeing of our end-users and our teammates. For more on how we work together, see Viamo’s Values.

Unlimited Vacation

Our unlimited vacation policy encourages all of our employees to take time off when needed – and we make sure they do. At Viamo, we respect and trust our employees’ autonomy and consider it optimal in the long-term that each member of our team can balance work and life in a way that works for them. 

Flexible Working Hours

We realize that the traditional 9-to-5 schedule isn’t for everyone. We offer flexible scheduling for our employees. As part of our global community, you can work when you’re at your best and rest when you need to.

Working Remotely

To serve a global audience, we need a global team. We provide you with convenience and security as a remote workplace, allowing you to work comfortably wherever you are. We are learning deliberately how to build community and deeper relationships in remote teams.

Supporting learning and growth

Viamo invests deliberately in helping team members learn, for their own benefit and the productivity of the team. Take advantage of internal knowledge-sharing workshops, external training courses, access to online learning material, and time to learn.  

Innovative, scalable tech stack

Count on us to provide you with a modern, exciting tech stack you can build and learn on. Work with distributed systems, real-time telecommunications, resilient queuing systems, and large-scale data processing. Develop efficiently using the latest modern frontend and backend frameworks.

Recruitment Process

Viamo has a rigorous but timely recruitment process. We know that both you and our hiring managers have important decisions to make. We aim to generate as much information for both of us in a short period of time. We try to complete the following steps in two to three weeks, from application to offer:

  • Application through our recruitment portal
  • Initial interactive conversation with our HR team
  • Automated technical and problem-solving test (Omitted for Staff Engineer and Engineering Manager roles)
  • Technical Interview: This is a video meeting covering technical knowledge, architecture, and systems design.
  • Team Interview: This is a video meeting with multiple members of the team you’d likely work with, assessing communication, collaboration, and leadership. This is also your opportunity to ask questions of our team.
  • Decision and offer

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Our team has been recognised for its results in developing digital technology which benefits communities in more than 30 countries.

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Developing powerful and appropriate technology requires the creativity, ideas, perspective and talents of a diversity of people. Our open positions change frequently, and we are continuously recruiting. Check out our available positions today, or get in touch if you’re interested in Viamo’s mission but unsure of the best role for you. 

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“I recently joined Viamo as a Software Engineer. I am already feeling excited about my future. Lots of smart colleagues to work with and learn from. Viamo has a diverse culture and treats everyone with respect. I am having a great experience working with innovative engineers from different parts of the world.”


– Lakh, Fullstack Software Engineer

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