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Anna-Laura Siefermann, Viamo’s Regional Program Manager for East and Southern Africa, shares her experience working at the intersection of technology and development. She highlights the importance of equal access and representation in tech and how she uses her experience to develop more inclusive digital solutions for communities with low resources.

She said her experience as a woman has made her more aware of the gender aspects of her work, sincere about developing digital solutions tailored to the needs of women, and becoming an advocate for equal access to education, career knowledge and employment opportunities.

When we were recording the training manuals, I made sure that women were equally represented and that the messages also spoke to them — either by using female characters or by addressing needs and solutions that are unique to women. This an example of the many reasons why it is so important to have women working on the design of digital solutions.

Anna-Laura SeifermannRegional Programme Manager, East and Southern Africa, Viamo

The AU-EU Digital4Development Hub selected Siefermann as one of 10 young professionals from Africa and Europe to be a part of the #GirlsinD4D campaign. The campaign promotes young women entrepreneurs and professionals in the Digital4Development (D4D) field, with the aim of ensuring that more girls and women pursue careers that contribute to inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.

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