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Meet “Ask Viamo Anything”

Our latest capability “Ask Viamo Anything” is providing access to the latest AI technology to the digitally disconnected – at no cost to them. It was built and will soon be offered on the Viamo Platform. Ask Viamo Anything works on simple mobile phones without internet access. And because of its use of voice technology, it can even be used by people with low literacy — leapfrogging text-based approaches and truly democratizing access.

Viamo has made the latest Generative Artificial Intelligence technology accessible to a few hundred dedicated Viamo Platform users in sub-Saharan Africa who – like 2 billion other people – don’t otherwise have access to the internet. This pilot project is ongoing and yielding crucial findings.


The First-Ever Live Study on GenAI in International Development!

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The first AI voice assistant for everyone.

Actual questions asked by users

Preliminary Results

Through our pilot, we deployed the GenAI Voice Assistant initially to 500 of the most active users – or power users – of the Viamo Platform in Zambia. Viamo’s exclusive report on this pilot is now available, although the pilot remains live and continues to gather real-time data.

Within the first three weeks, 62% had opted into the voice assistant and had asked 555 questions. The number of questions has since increased to 1,500 at publication time.

How much is a bicycle in Zambia?

FemaleUnder 18

For how long can a mother breastfeed a baby?


I am HIV positive. How can I start taking the medications?

MaleUnder 18

What is climate change?

MaleOver 44

What are types of contraception?


Our top findings…


By far, users asked the most questions about HEALTH.

In the first three weeks of the study, more than a third of users’ questions were related to physical or mental health. More than half of users’ questions related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


WOMEN are just as likely as men to opt into using GenAI.

Users identifying as women are choosing to engage with the voice assistant just as much as men users. The pilot is specifically tailored to bridge the gap that reports women in developing communities lag in digital literacy.


Of people who asked legitimate questions, 90% received legitimate ANSWERS.

In the first two weeks, 489 questions were asked. And Ask Viamo Anything produced 453 valid answers, for a success rate of 93%. There were indications of quick learning by the users in altering their prompts to have the AI respond favorably.

How it Works

Ask Viamo Anything dissolves barriers and equips underserved communities with unprecedented access to knowledge.

Ask Viamo Anything is enabling conversations with equitable AI tailored for basic, non-internet mobile phone users across Africa and Asia.

Any mobile phone can now become a gateway to our GenAI-powered Voice Assistant at no cost to callers.

Voice-Enabled Accessibility

Voice bridges the digital divide for those with limited literacy and digital skills. People throughout Africa and South Asia have leapfrogged several technologies, especially in mobile. Ask Viamo Anything continues this leapfrogging for people in areas where technology and access to information are scarce, offering people answers to personal questions with privacy.

Unlimited Information

Ask Viamo Anything enables people to ask all their open-ended questions and have access to essential knowledge that is contextualized and salient and can improve their lives. We source this content for our GenAI-powered Voice Assistant from renowned partners and are actively reviewing engagement with it in real-time to ensure it is usable and useful to people – which can inform AI-for-development in the future.

Adaptive to Local Context

Ask Viamo Anything is designed to adapt – with live data and immediate course corrections to AI tech – to cater to each community’s unique needs and cultural nuances: providing safe, accurate, localized and contextually relevant information for free, in voice calls in local languages from basic, non-internet phones.

Inclusive User Experience

Ask Viamo Anything’s intuitive interface and simple voice commands make it easy for users of all genders, ages and backgrounds to interact. A key focus is tailoring the service to ensure improved usage and accessibility for women and girls – particularly around issues that matter to them. People can ask any question in privacy, and this makes this gender transformative across cultures and contexts.

Driven by the Viamo Platform

Ask Viamo Anything is available on the Viamo Platform. Every month, millions of people call the Viamo Platform for the same reason you browse the Internet: to access on-demand information, find services nearby or purchase products. The Viamo Platform had 17 million subscribers in 2022 and is growing, across more than 20 countries. It’s the most-used voice information service in international development already.

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