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Viamo’s Remote Training product provides a mobile tech-enabled training solution for your teams. This involves creating training lessons and delivering them through a mobile phone, with pre-recorded audio calls, SMS, and/or social media chatbots.

These lessons can double as a library of content that learners can access at any time to refresh their knowledge, and can include baseline and endline knowledge assessments. The training content can be delivered on a set schedule or adjusted to each trainee’s availability.

A real-time dashboard helps the administrator monitor progress and completion, as well as send individual reminders to participants as needed. Remote training can be used to help national health workers reinforce their knowledge of how to spot cases of malaria just before the onset of the rainy season.

Other applications could include pushing financial education modules to a group of young entrepreneurs to help them grow and sustain their businesses, or modules could be sent to agriculture extension workers following in-person training to act as automated supportive supervision to help them apply what they’ve learned in their work and communities.

The process is simple:

Viamo’s expertise in developing mobile content prioritizes learner engagement, optimizes knowledge transfer, and facilitates behavior change. The Viamo promise means:

  • You are truly our partner: we are more than a service provider and will work closely with you to develop your content based on our experience from over 500 mobile projects.
  • Your content can be pre-tested with your target audience to ensure it is user-led and engaging.
  • Your target audience will receive their training through a user experience custom designed, with you, to maximise completion and engagement.

You can monitor lesson performance with live reporting and custom dashboards to gather learnings in real-time. See one here!

Reach your audience at scale.

Remote training is the best way to train your learners at scale, especially those who are hardest to reach and delivering lessons in the learner’s local languages maximises engagement and reach.

Low cost per learner.

You will pay the lowest airtime costs and experience the highest call reliability, while also saving money you would have spent on in-person training.

Lessons in any language.

Delivering your training via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) means it’s accessible,  and inclusive for learners with low literacy levels. Recording the lesson in the learner’s local languages maximises engagement and reach.

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Survey people in relevant local languages
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