In 2018 the Ministry of Health in Rwanda needed to train 60,000 Community Health Workers (CHWs) quickly in order to manage an upsurge in community trauma during the 25th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide. In partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Center, and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Viamo trained nearly all CHWs in Rwanda using pre-recorded audio lessons delivered on their mobile phones. This project represented a shift in the method and speed of training, as only 25,000 CHWs had been trained in person over several years previously. The pilot has shown promising results on knowledge retention according to Ginger Smith-Swintosky, Mental Health Global Program Leader, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson. Full insights are expected in 2023.

From this pilot, Viamo’s Remote Training service was born. Fast forward to today, and Viamo is currently implementing over 30 Remote Training projects across 14 countries. Feedback from Remote Training recipients confirms their active participation and learning.


While remote working is a temporary necessity, we believe that the adoption of technology seen this year, and adaptation of how we work and learn, is here to stay. Viamo helps our partners provide information, education, and training through even the most basic mobile phones. In Zimbabwe this year, PLAN International was faced with the challenge of needing to disseminate training remotely to their volunteer workforce who oversee their sponsorship program. Together, we piloted a custom mobile curriculum resulting in 1,300 of their volunteers trained on the information they needed to safely do their work. After the training, volunteers had a better understanding of basic COVID-19 standard operating procedures and how to keep themselves and families in the sponsorship program safe. Volunteers were also provided with gender-based violence training to support their work. The pilot consisted of 12 lessons, each about four to five minutes.

We also recently partnered with INKOMOKO in Rwanda to develop a Remote Training of over 2,000 beneficiaries who were enrolled in a financial literacy course. Nine lessons lasting five minutes each were sent over the course of nine weeks, including mini quizzes. An average of 94% of the trainees got the quiz questions correct, proving knowledge retention and a solid understanding of the Remote Training module. Lessons covered a range of topics from business planning, operations, and financial sustainability.

By codesigning mobile training curriculums with our partners, Viamo ensures appropriate user experience for the target audience and best practices to measure knowledge and behavior change. Check out our blog for 4 Tips for Running a Successful Remote Training via Mobile to learn more.

Get in touch with us for more information about how you can use Remote Training to engage your beneficiaries, staff, and other key stakeholders.