The number and availability of approved COVID-19 vaccines is growing and Governments in lower and middle income countries are beginning to prepare national vaccine rollouts. While there is finally hope for an end to this pandemic, the scale of the global vaccine effort presents numerous challenges, especially in countries already suffering from depressed economies, unstable political regimes, and widespread poverty.

Viamo’s mobile solutions can be launched quickly and scaled nationally to respond to the biggest communication challenges around vaccination efforts – including getting information to the hardest to reach populations, in their languages, with the mobile phones they have in their hands. At the onset of COVID-19, our 3-2-1 Service became a vital tool for combating the pandemic. From fishermen in Mali, to young mothers in Nepal – 6.8 million people called the Service last year to learn more about how the coronavirus spreads and how to keep themselves and their communities safe, listening to nearly 70 million key pieces of information about COVID-19 in 49 languages.

Now, we are collaborating with the World Health Organization to co-develop new key messages on the latest COVID-19 information, especially around the vaccine. Together with partners, Viamo will add these messages to our 3-2-1 Service globally, ensuring that information is available to help people make healthy and informed choices.


Mobile technology is, and will continue to be, at the forefront of epidemic preparedness and response. While the next few months are critical, the road ahead of us is long and requires a strong foundation and unity to continue the fight against COVID-19. The vaccine rollout may take years in lower to middle income countries, and is without a doubt the largest epidemic response we have seen in our lifetime. From toll-free information services, to vaccine eligibility checkers, to nationwide mobile polling and surveys – Viamo’s mobile solutions can help combat misinformation, provide training for key medical staff, and will help actualize the end of this pandemic for everyone.

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In Rwanda, Viamo partnered  with the Grameen Foundation to create a Remote Training for 1,600 health workers to strengthen their preparedness for an Ebola vaccine campaign.

In Pakistan, Viamo partnered UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to conduct Targeted Mass Messaging for a measles immunization awareness campaign that reached nearly 18 million people in hard to access areas in over 80 districts. The mobile messages were delivered in the voice of a national celebrity, Shahid Afridi, who is one of the most well-recognized sportsmen in the country.


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