The end of a multi-year development program does not necessarily correspond to an end of the need for its services. How can organizations ensure sustainability and long-term impact? 

From September 2014 through September 2019, DT Global (formerly AECOM International Development) led the Feed the Future USAID-funded Livestock for Growth (L4G) Program. The goal of the L4G program was to strengthen livestock value chain participants’ competitiveness and responsiveness to market demands and to improve their access to quality inputs and services in Mali. The L4G program closed at the end of September 2019.

The program achieved significant results in the Mopti and Timbuktu regions of Mali, including:

  • Establishing 151 Farmer Field School (FFS) sites to train 1,481 Lead Farmers (of whom 53% were women).
  • Empowering Lead Farmers to establish their own community based FFS sites at which they trained the members of 529 livestock producer organizations.
  • Training more than 32,000 small-scale livestock owners (72% women) in modern farm and animal management practices.

With the program ending, DT Global wanted to continue providing important technical information and program outcomes to their beneficiaries, as well as reach thousands of livestock producers outside the original target regions. They partnered with Viamo to ensure that livestock producers across Mali continue to have free, on-demand access to key information through their mobile phones, therefore extending the reach, impact and sustainability of the L4G program. 

In June, the L4G livestock technical content was launched on our 3-2-1 Service in Mali, which includes information on livestock health, nutrition, cooperatives and more. In the first two months, more than 124,000 unique callers made over 250,000 calls to access the L4G technical content. The most popular topic has been animal health, with more than 50,000 callers listening to messages on modern vaccines and deworming services and why this is important to prevent livestock diseases.

Another topic, L4G program outcomes, allows callers to learn about the outcomes of the program. Within this topic, callers can access the contact information of local veterinarians and women’s groups who are continuing to lead some program initiatives, such as the manufacture and sale of Multi-Nutritional Licking Blocks (MNLBs), a key ingredient in the improved intensive animal feeding and fattening practices taught by the L4G program. 

“Our partnership with Viamo is already benefiting our L4G program-supported entrepreneurs and it will continue to benefit livestock-owning households in the L4G target zones and beyond. For example, one of our L4G trained female entrepreneurs has reported a 50% jump in sales of the MNLBs; she is receiving more orders from within the Mopti and Timbuktu regions and even orders from the Bamako area.”

– Dr. Thomas J. Herlehy, DT Global Senior Program Manager for L4G

Using the Viamo mobile platform, DT Global has not only made available important technical information, program results and local contacts to its L4G program participants and stakeholders, it is now available free and on-demand to millions of other Malians. Hosting this pertinent information on the 3-2-1 Service closes the feedback loop to L4G program participants and livestock stakeholders while ensuring the continued success of the program after its official close.

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