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How Youth are on the Frontlines of Fighting Climate Change in Developing Nations

The climate crisis is having a devastating impact on the lives of thousands of young people across lower-and middle-income countries. Using innovative technology, Pakistan is working hard to address these challenges, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme using Viamo’s mobile engagement platform.

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Empowering Mental Health in Rwanda with Mobile Learning Technology

In this Viamo-exclusive interview, Rwanda Ministry of Health’s Director of Psychiatric Care reveals how mental health stigma and access to mental healthcare is being addressed through a public-private partnership between the government, Johnson & Johnson, and Viamo’s technology. 

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$1.5 million Global Innovation Fund investment will give millions access to vital information

Viamo’s recent partnership with the Global Innovation Fund puts the ambitious goal of reaching millions of disconnected people within reach. Viamo’s human centered design and tech experts will  steward these funds to further our reach and grow opportunities to connect underserved communities.

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