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One month ago, Viamo joined participants from the EU Commission, other EU member states, tech companies and civil society to spend a weekend competing in the #SmartDevelopmentHack hackathon, led jointly by the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Given the enormous social and economic burden that COVID-19 has placed on many countries in Africa and Asia, the EU and Germany called for innovative and quickly scalable digital solutions to tackle the challenges caused by the pandemic in low and middle-income countries. The event sought to find solutions to specific development challenges presented by NGOs and donor agencies by matching them with the right digital solutions. Viamo collaborated with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Madagascar to develop a solution, CallvsCorona, which was chosen as one of the nine winners out of more than 1,000 submissions. Funding of up to 3 million euros will be available for each winning team to launch their solutions. 

CallVsCorona aims to accelerate the information flow between Malagasy authorities and citizens via voice-based mobile communication. Families can call into toll-free hotlines and access vital crisis information on topics such as prevention measures, social distancing regulations, recent updates, and news. The government can run mass surveys via mobile to identify pandemic hotspots in real time and plan its response accordingly. Finally, health authorities can use mobile channels to remotely train their community health workers, directly where they live and work, even in rural areas. 

Watch the video here.

We are expanding our European Partnerships team with the aim of partnering with established European donors, implementers, and funders. A prime example is our growing partnership with GIZ, the German development cooperation. Over the last three years, we have implemented over 20 mobile communication campaigns in direct cooperation with various GIZ projects, both in direct service provision for GIZ and as a subcontractor of consulting firms.  

These projects include the GIZ PrAda program in Madagascar, where Viamo is the digital development thought-partner for the program across all components. We:

  • Provide operational strategy advice, 
  • Develop and launch several gamified audio Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) campaigns on climate change and agriculture on the 3-2-1 Service
  • Run regular pre-recorded audio surveys, 
  • Build a data-driven M&E system. 

In Zambia, Viamo developed a mobile-based marketing approach for the GIZ InsuResilience activities, boosting insurance literacy and insurance uptake via path-based audio games and pre-recorded SBCC audio messages on the 3-2-1 Service.

This existing partnership with GIZ greatly contributed to our ability to react quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you looking for a partner on large European grants or proposals? We have a proven track record with many different funders and partners successfully implementing high impact projects. Reach out directly to our Director of European Partnerships if you are interested in incorporating mobile into your development projects.  

Want to explore mobile engagement options for your COVID-19 response projects? Get in touch with us and find out how we can expand your reach and impact! 

Viamo is partnering with researchers at both Stanford and Tulane to conduct knowledge, attitude and practice surveys via mobile, to better understand the changes in behavior or habits, and the impact that the pandemic is having throughout different communities globally. Our partnerships with Stanford and Tulane will allow us to measure outcomes of the pandemic and to evaluate various response programs. We look forward to sharing the initial results of these surveys in the coming weeks. We hope that they will be a useful tool to our partners to better understand the effectiveness of their mobile response projects for COVID-19 and to identify gaps in information that we can work together to fill.

Viamo has been tracking the COVID-19 impact from our 3-2-1 Service and Targeted Mass Messaging (TMM). Viamo’s flagship product, the 3-2-1 Service, is a free information service available in 18 countries globally. Callers can access pre-recorded audio messages in local languages for free. TMM allows Viamo to reach millions of people, based on their location and demographic user data (gender, age, devices, etc.), through pre-negotiated mass-messaging agreements with local telephone companies. We will be including the impact from our other solutions, including surveys, infolines, and remote training in the near future.

To date, over 8.5 million people have accessed more than 24 million key pieces of COVID-19 information through the 3-2-1 Service and TMM:

Want to hear for yourself? Call +1-650-866-1481 to listen to COVID-19 messages from our Service in Uganda, where English is one of the six available languages.


Viamo’s three pillars of support to our partners for responding to COVID-19 quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale:

Pillar 1: Community Awareness through the 3-2-1 Service, Hotlines and Targeted Mass Messaging (TMM).
Pillar 2: Health System Strengthening through Remote Training, Job Aids, Surveys.
Pillar 3: Child Protection and Learning Support through Remote Learning, Edutainment, and more.


Want to explore mobile engagement options for your COVID-19 response and prevention projects? Get in touch with us and find out how we can expand your reach and impact! 

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