Dear Partners,

Quite suddenly, the world has shifted from in-person to remote interactions. What does this mean for the COVID-19 response? Education? For learning? The COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations scrambling to create a clear plan for staying connected with key target groups and their own workforce.

To address this challenge, Viamo works with partners to offer remote training to a wide range of audiences, including community health workers, teachers, agricultural extension agents, students and more. We help our partners to adapt their paper-based training for distribution via mobile phones. Participants are able to receive a call on their simple mobile phones, listen to relevant and engaging pre-recorded lessons and answer comprehension questions using their telephone keypads.

In Tanzania, we partnered with CARE International to remotely train project staff and beneficiaries who are no longer able to attend field activities. These trainings will consist of two lessons a week for four weeks, delivered to 1,000 community health workers. In Rwanda we partnered with the African Entrepreneur Collective, through their Rwandan affiliate, Inkomoko, to support small and medium micro enterprises with remote training for beneficiaries who can no longer attend in-person workshops for their entrepreneurship program. We will create two full courses adapted for mobile, with 6-7 lessons per course.

Viamo’s mobile training solutions are deployed in three forms:

Remote Training

Viamo delivers remote training modules to frontline workers such as community health workers, community leaders, and teachers. This solution works best for delivering new content, or refresher modules on previously covered material. We track participation and use quizzes to measure comprehension. Viamo can deliver trainings on a predetermined schedule and on an on-demand basis. Viamo will help you select and design for the optimal channel – voice, SMS, chatbot, or a combination – to reach your target audience on the phones they already have and on the channels they already use.

Last year in Rwanda, Viamo partnered with the Ministry of Health and Johnson & Johnson to successfully deliver a remote training via the mobile phone channel to more than 50,000 community health workers. Between 80% and 90% of the participants completed each of the 8 separate modules. The vast majority of respondents reported that they were satisfied with the training, and most said they would recommend the training to others. At about $2.50 per community health worker, the remote training model proved cost-effective as well. Read more about the outcomes of this successful remote training here. We look forward to sharing the full results of this training in the near future.

Listen to an example of a remote training message.


Job Aids

Job Aids are reminders for frontline workers, who dial a toll-free number and select and listen to audio files (e.g. “for key prevention measures for COVID-19, press 1”). Job Aids help community health workers with case assessments and management. This solution provides additional or reference material to supplement existing knowledge. Using Job Aids on the mobile phone channel reduces dependence on paper-based treatment manuals and guidelines that may be unavailable or out of date. Viamo delivers Job Aids through voice, SMS, and chatbots.


Remote Learning

Viamo delivers remote learning modules to students. We help our partners to adapt and optimize school curricula in the form of voice and SMS messages. We then send the modules to students on a predetermined schedule to ensure learning continues during this unprecedented time. The modules are also accessible on-demand by students, in the form of a content library. We build comprehension questions into the module to measure students’ understanding and participation. Students who need additional help can be connected to a teacher if possible. We monitor learner satisfaction with mobile learning through satisfaction questions.

Do you need to reach healthcare workers, teachers, agricultural extension agents, students or other target groups with training or educational materials? Do you need to do so efficiently and measure your impact? Viamo can help.

Get in touch with us for more information about how you can use remote training to stay connected with your beneficiaries and your remote, distributed workforce.

The 3-2-1 Service

Viamo’s flagship product, the 3-2-1 Service, is a free information service available in 18 different countries globally. Callers can access pre-recorded audio messages in local languages for free.

To date, over 1.6 million people have accessed more than 9.9 million key pieces of information through our 3-2-1 Service:

Want to hear for yourself? Call +1-650-866-1481 to listen to COVID-19 messages from our Service in Uganda, where English is one of the six available languages.


Viamo’s three pillars of support to our partners for responding to COVID-19 quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale:

Pillar 1: Community Awareness through the 3-2-1 Service, Hotlines and Targeted Mass Messaging (TMM).
Pillar 2: Health System Strengthening through Remote Training, Job Aids, Surveys.
Pillar 3: Child Protection and Learning Support through Remote Learning, Edutainment, and more.


Want to explore mobile engagement options for your COVID-19 response and prevention projects? Get in touch with us and find out how we can expand your reach and impact! 

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