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Last week, Viamo, Mercy Corps, and several other organizations launched the toll-free LAVE hotline in Haiti as part of a Start Fund Grant. Violence towards COVID-19 patients and threats towards treatment centers pose an ongoing challenge in the country, and the MOH-approved hotline aims to address the misinformation, rumors, and fear surrounding the pandemic.

Within one week of the LAVE hotline launching in Haiti, almost 2,500 unique listeners have made over 14,000 callsaccessing over 30,000 key pieces of information.

The hotline hosts content that covers diverse topics in a variety of instructional, entertaining, and targeted styles, addressing the information needs of different demographic groups in unique ways. 

One example is Krik Krak messages. Krik Krak is an integral part of the culture of Haiti, a type of call and response storytelling that creates a shared dialogue of cause and effect. The Krik Krak messages available on the hotline are voiced by two major public personalities in Haiti, Kako and Bibi Net Al Kole. These messages address the issues of violence towards marginalized groups, such as women or those with disabilities, and dispel false rumors about the pandemic. By providing these important messages in an educational and entertaining way, and having them voiced by celebrity spokespeople, we connect to a larger portion of the population in a form true to Haitian culture.

The hotline also hosts information for parents and caregivers and stories for children. The World Health Organization has identified that it is a priority to provide practical support to parents and caregivers during this pandemic, including how to talk about COVID-19 with children, manage the mental health of children, and provide tools to help support children’s learning. These messages are particularly important because children have already missed almost seven months of school this year in Haiti due to instability and COVID-19. The stories for children explain that it is okay to feel afraid and upset about missing school, and provide recommendations for what to do to feel safer and more secure.

Callers can take a rumor quiz to test their knowledge of the virus. Through this interactive content, callers are able to confront and identify misinformation about COVID-19 within Haiti, and understand the facts needed to ease the fear and confusion that many people feel. The key messages emphasize that those with COVID-19 should not be targeted or stigmatized. Additionally, there is a survey question that asks people about their greatest COVID-19 concern. This information will be provided to the Ministry of Health in order to better understand and respond to the needs of citizens.  

We look forward to the impact this hotline will create by providing people with an easily accessible, free, and accurate way to learn important information about the pandemic, and the  opportunity to amplify their voice regarding how COVID-19 is impacting their lives. The instant popularity of this toll-free hotline confirms that the partnership is filling an information gap in Haiti, providing context-specific messages and advice that promote positive attitude and behavior change during this critical time. We look forward to sharing additional results about this partnership in the future.

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Viamo has been tracking the COVID-19 impact from our 3-2-1 Service and Targeted Mass Messaging (TMM). Viamo’s flagship product, the 3-2-1 Service, is a free information service available in 18 countries globally. Callers can access pre-recorded audio messages in local languages for free. TMM allows Viamo to reach millions of people, based on their location and demographic user data (gender, age, devices, etc.), through pre-negotiated mass-messaging agreements with local telephone companies. We will be including the impact from our other solutions, including surveys, infolines, and remote training in the near future.

To date, over 8.6 million people have accessed more than 25.8 million key pieces of COVID-19 information through the 3-2-1 Service and TMM:

Want to hear for yourself? Call +1-650-866-1481 to listen to COVID-19 messages from our Service in Uganda, where English is one of the six available languages.


Viamo’s three pillars of support to our partners for responding to COVID-19 quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale:

Pillar 1: Community Awareness through the 3-2-1 Service, Hotlines and Targeted Mass Messaging (TMM).
Pillar 2: Health System Strengthening through Remote Training, Job Aids, Surveys.
Pillar 3: Child Protection and Learning Support through Remote Learning, Edutainment, and more.


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