Sitting in front of our smartphones and laptops, constantly connected to a barrage of information channels, it can be difficult to imagine the true experience of the people who use the 3-2-1 Service.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) sponsored the creation of this interactive experience (in English) to help their country programs easily understand the service as either an end user, or from the perspective of a content creator.

Explore how to create a relevant, engaging, and actionable 3-2-1 message. Pick the style you find enjoyable. And, of course, experience the service for yourself:

The Service is currently available in 14 countries. Each new market we grow to presents new intricacies to delivering a quality product. In short: the mechanisms to deliver the service are anything but simple.

“We do a lot of work in behavior change and know that information is a key component,” said Kathryn Clifton, ICT for Development, Knowledge Management and Communications with CRS.

We would like more country programs to use this mobile information solution with a national reach to improve our information sharing. A principle part getting more people to use the tool is walking them through the process of what 3-2-1 is. Having an online training allows us to do that anywhere, at any time, and on demand.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has partnered with the 3-2-1 Service to provide information on topics including agriculture, health, nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene, in countries like Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Madagascar.

The messages in this interactive demo are selected from CRS-sponsored 3-2-1 content in Nigeria.

The 3-2-1 Service begins with a simple concept: make information freely available to those who do not otherwise have the means to access it.

But the messages on the service are made available through public and private partnerships, curated by committees of experts, tested by users, and monitored and improved through quantitative and qualitative methods.

The interactive experience presented above allows you to see for yourself how the 3-2-1 Service feels to the end user. It also provides some insight into how content is crafted and tested.