Statement of Purpose 

The Viamo Business Code of Conduct is our guidebook for putting our values into practice in the way that we conduct business. It sets out an ethical framework for how we engage with partners and end-users, ensuring that we always make the best choices possible.

Viamo Values 

We envision a world where all people have access to the information they need to make decisions for healthy, prosperous lives, and have meaningful relationships with governments, civil society, and businesses. 

  • We seek to delight our partners and users by exceeding expectations and holding ourselves accountable for achieving results. 
  • We strive to make things better for our users by creating lasting positive impact at scale. 
  • We invent solutions as they’re needed, testing, iterating, and trying new things along the way. 
  • We unleash the best in our diverse and competent global team, trusting our colleagues to rise to the challenge. 

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Guiding Principles

Viamo’s guiding principles for partnerships are inspired by leading resources from the development and social impact sector. The decision to establish or maintain a relationship with a company or organization for a particular project is guided by both positive and negative criteria which is detailed in our internal partnership assessment tool. 

As a rule, Viamo will never engage with any partners that in any way promote arms dealing, pornography, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs (production & distribution), gambling, partisan political messages, human trafficking, hate, violence, or predatory lending.

Viamo will proactively engage with projects whose work makes progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.  

Further guiding principles for all our business relationships include: 

  • Mission Alignment: As a matter of absolute priority, Viamo shall not accept any support from or collaborate with a company, foundation, entity, or organization if it might endanger the capacity for us to carry out our mission or compromise our values outlined above.
  • Compliance: Viamo is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers, partners, and end-users. We expect our partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own. This means at minimum, compliance with laws/policies in the country of operation, donor regulations where applicable, and a commitment to working towards creating a positive global impact.
  • Transparency – Viamo seeks to engage with companies and organizations that clearly publish and adhere to ethics and compliance policies such as fair trade, anti corruption, anti discrimination, and fair worker policies. For companies who have publicly acknowledged past wrongdoing, and demonstrated actionable change, Viamo will engage with them as well. Viamo seeks to improve access to information globally and therefore we prioritize projects that promote transparency.  
  • Environmental Sustainability – Viamo seeks to engage with companies and organizations that promote conservation and actively benefit the environment, or otherwise minimize the climate emergency. Viamo’s end-users are among the poorest people in the world who are most affected by climate change, therefore we prioritize environmental sustainability in all our projects.  
  • Social Responsibility – As a social enterprise, Viamo has a vested interest in working with partners who share our drive for social impact. Therefore, Viamo always prioritizes engagements with partners who create positive impact in the communities they serve. Viamo rejects companies or organizations whose products or methods to doing business are widely recognised as deleterious to the health, stability, or well-being of our communities or end-users. 

Ethical criteria

Net Positive Impact: Viamo will assess the overall net positive impact to all people impacted by our products and services, including end-users as well as those who may be affected in any way in both the short and long term. If a Viamo project is deemed to not have a net positive impact for all groups involved, Viamo will not accept the project. 

Living our Values

The continued success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, our partners, and our end users. We gain and retain credibility by adhering to our commitments, living our values, acting with integrity, and reaching company goals solely through honorable conduct. We will bring our values and purpose to every partnership and every project, enabling all stakeholders to operate with an ethical and empathetic approach that creates sustainable impact. We know it is easy to say what we must do, but that ultimately, we will be judged on what we do. The following lays out our Code, how we operationalize it, how we continually review and improve our standard of operation, and how we respond to questions of misconduct. 


This Code was developed by employees across all levels of the organization. All Viamo employees should feel comfortable to voice their opinion, particularly with regards to our partnerships and how we do business. Managers have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable raising ethical concerns about our partnerships should they feel that any project is in conflict with our values. 


Viamo is committed to establishing meaningful relationships with our partners in the public and private sectors. In our business dealings we expect our partners (clients, suppliers and other partners) to adhere to business principles consistent with our own. Viamo has a zero tolerance policy for any act of abuse and will decline to work with organizations or partners who do not share our rigorous standards for safeguarding people and their personal data. This means that all projects using Viamo’s products and services build awareness, create communication linkages and feedback loops, and empower marginalized communities to make decisions and take actions to improve their health and wellbeing. 


Viamo is committed to delivering services that provide relevant, validated, and actionable information for healthy, prosperous lives. We are committed to designing our products and services in collaboration with those we serve and conducting all business in a way that will continually improve their well-being.

Viamo helps our employees live the Code:

  1. Ensure all team members have access to information about all clients, suppliers and other partners of Viamo and the results of the Annual Viamo Partner Audit.
  2. Equip our sales team with a Business Code of Conduct Development Tool. This tool helps our team members assess and confirm that every partner Viamo works with adheres to the values we embody and the ideals we hope to foster. This includes helping our team operationalize Viamo’s partner exclusion criteria, ensuring our platform, products, and services are in service to companies who share our vision.
  3. Conduct an internal Annual Viamo Partner Audit which is an audit of all partnerships done on an annual basis to confirm that we are adhering to the Code, and make recommendations for improvements.

In Summary

Ensuring that all engagements reflect Viamo’s principles and values is the responsibility of every Viamo team member across the organization. Any BD lead (ie Director of Partnerships, Country Manager, Country Director, Regional Director, or Chief Program Officer) is recommended to submit a standard partner assessment tool as part of the due diligence process to evaluate the relationship based on the ethical criteria described in this code. 

The team responsible for the Annual Viamo Partner Audit will rotate yearly, with the members recruited during Viamo’s annual global staff meeting (ViaFest), and they will be representative of the diversity of the organization. In any instance where an engagement is questionable, staff members are encouraged to report the concern to the Chief Operating Officer so that an appropriate response can be determined in close collaboration with the Chief Programs Officers and the CEO. 

Viamo’s strength lies in the shared values of our team and acting with integrity is part of who we are. We extend our deep gratitude and thanks to our partners for their diligence and for helping create a fairer and more principled world as we work towards delivering our vision of being the global leader in tech for social impact. For more information on Viamo’s commitment to responsible business, please contact