How Viamo Helped

  • Reached 500 people: 200 students of English, 300 math students (see sidebar)
  • People who registered tried at least one lesson: 91%
  • People who continued after the first lesson: 94%
  • People who finished 10 or more English lessons: 62%

Millicom approached us to help run a series of English lessons as part of its Social Investment program in late 2014. The idea was to help young adults (ages 20-30) improve their English listening and speaking skills, to increase work and business opportunities.

We offered a set of 20 audio English lessons delivered through mobile phones. Participants were given instructions in local languages then they listened to a lesson recorded in English. They were able to test their speaking skills through a series of audio quizzes.

Photo: Michael Pollak (CC BY 2.0)

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