To understand the information gaps and needs of our users, Viamo developed the 3-2-1 Service COVID-19 Survey with researchers from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, to poll our users about their knowledge of the virus, as well as the impact of the virus on their lives and livelihoods.

How to Use

In the dashboard below you can view the data either by topic or by country.

If viewing Responses by Topic: select the topic and the month from the dropdown menus labeled ‘Select Topic’ and ‘Select Month’, respectively. You will only be able to view one month of responses at a time.

If viewing Responses by Country: select the topic from the dropdown and the country from the dropdown menus labeled ‘Select Topic’ and ‘Select Country’, respectively. You will only be able to view one country at a time.

Please note that some topics have fewer questions than others, and thus blank spaces may appear at the bottom of the dashboard.

3-2-1 Service COVID-19 Survey Responses


To keep the survey short, 12 different questionnaires were used, each addressing a specific COVID-related topic area. After listening to information of their choosing, callers are invited to participate. Those callers who consent are randomly assigned to one of the 12 questionnaires. All questions are multiple choice using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), in local languages. The surveys were implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Madagascar, Malawi, and Rwanda.

Each round of data collection was paused after reaching 1,000-1,500 completed responses per survey. Round 1 data was collected in May 2020. Subsequent rounds of data were collected after every 4 weeks.

The survey demonstrates the value of the 3-2-1 Service for providing rapid, reliable, low-cost data on country experiences during the pandemic. Compared to Random Digit Dial mobile surveys, 3-2-1 Service users are younger, slightly poorer, and more likely to get their information through their mobile phones. These findings may be of interest to officials, planners, and policy-makers currently addressing the pandemic at all levels of the response. Please contact us for more information.

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